Juli Yanti Damanik

Nama Juli Yanti Damanik, S.S., M.TESOL
NIDN 0109079003
Email juli.damanik@del.ac.id
Latar belakang Pendidikan S1- Sastra Inggris (Universitas Negeri Medan)
S2- TESOL (Monash University)
Area Penelitian -

1. Silalahi, S.M., Anwar, D., & Damanik, J. Y. (2022). Lecturers’ checklist instrument to monitor students’ understanding in distance learning. Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn), 16 (4), 464-471. doi: 10.11591/edulearn.v16i4.20485

2. Simanjuntak, M., Martgrita, M., Damanik, J. Y., & Pasaribu, M. (2022). The Relevance of learning methods in realising student-centred transformative learning. International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research, 21(3), 357-378.doi:10.26803/ijlter.21.3.19

3. Damanik, J.Y. (2022). Peer feedback to improve Indonesian adult learners’ writing skills: A review. JET (Journal of English Teaching), 8(1), 49-58. doi:10.33541/jet.v8i1.3253

4. Damanik, J.Y. (2022). Language learning strategies used by Indonesian learners in IELTS. Studies in English Language and Education, 9(1), 62-77. doi:10.24815/siele.v9i1.21448


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